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If You've Been Injured in an Accident, Call Us Now!

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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, the pressures immediately begin to mount. In addition to figuring out how to pay for medical treatment, you may be missing paychecks and falling behind on other bills. You need help, and you need it now. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ve come to the right place!

We've Got Your Back

With an office in Orange County, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll always have a personal injury attorney nearby. Call us 24/7 for your free case evaluation.

Legal Expertise

When someone else’s careless or reckless behavior causes you to suffer injuries, hold them financially responsible for the damages they caused.

Fast Results

Our goal is to recover the maximum compensation available after an injury in Orange County for every client, based on the facts of their case.

Medical Coverage

Our personal injury attorneys collect bills, receipts, and identify all possible losses. We minimize your debt and increase your claim.

Superior Results

Our experience with personal injury cases allows us to see the full scope of your accident-related losses.

Free Legal Consultation

At the Law Offices of Arthur Draper, we bring years of experience successfully representing clients in personal injury law. Our outstanding legal team will defend your rights and help get you the monetary compensation you deserve. Our firm handles all types of personal injury cases.
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We Make Insurance Companies Pay What You’re Owed

Whether you need a car accident lawyer, a truck accident attorney, a medical malpractice attorney or you have some other personal injury case type, in every case, we strive to maximize our clients’ compensation. We deal aggressively with insurance companies.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our law firm employs a full team of lawyers, investigators, and medical/legal support experts who will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of your case and work with you to get you the maximum compensation possible.

We Are Here for You!